Quit PUBG Addiction With A T3 Rule [Unique Guide]

Quit PUBG Addiction With A T3 Rule [Unique Guide]


Quit PUBG Addiction

Quit PUBG Addiction: Nowadays addicting game means 'PUBG' and now most of the people are just addicted to this game. Well 'PUBG' is the game that broken all records in the gaming industry but now it is crossing its limit and as you all know that anything from a limit is harmful

So today I'm going to give you tips on how you can Break your PUBG Addiction using your mind.

    PUBG Addiction Help

    What is an addiction? Well in this world everything above a limit is an addiction. 

    And PUBG game is becoming an addiction now as peoples are getting crazy to play PUBG and some of them, plays PUBG whole day even at the night too.

    Now I have a question "what are you doing"? Playing game is good but the whole day and late at night? Then let me tell you that you are going to die very soon. 


    Am just not saying this it is going to happen but I will be going to give you all proof and after that, you will know how PUBG addiction will kill you very soon.

    What happens in your mind when you play PUBG?

    When you play PUBG you only concentrate on the game and your minds intelligence neurons are busy as you focus on your game play. 

    And you subconsciously press all the buttons when you see an enemy that means your mind is busy in handling this state which you may not realize but effects a lot on your mind/head.

    Every second your minds neuron send millions of signals to another neuron and that process keeps going and going and slowly it becomes your habit and your subconscious mind keeps giving you reasons to play PUBG.

    Effect of PUBG (Mobile gamers)

    As you know that cell phones emit radio frequency energy and you know that if you continue to use your phone then your radio wave will start effecting on your brain and blue light or continue work of your eye will take out your eyes water.

    And you may face big problems first is cancer second is your eyesight will decrease slowly-slowly and if you do not give attention to this Addiction then you may face a serious problem like total blindness.

    PUBG  (Desktop Gamers)

    Well if you play on your PC/Desktop/Computer then you are a little bit safe but as you know if you play on computer above a limit then its also harm you.

    Playing on the desktop for long hours will directly affect your eyes and head and you may see the side effect of this like dark circles and eye pain and headache and half brain pain and many more mental disorders.
    Pubg-help, pubg-craze-in-USA, pubg-craze-in-the-UK.

    Why PUBG Is So Addictive?

    So PUBG is so addictive because PUBG's coding was done with a hook model hence PUBG works on a hook model like other apps, for example, FB, Instagram and more.

    So according to Nir Eyal book hooked in which he described how to make habit-forming products and makers of pubg has implemented all four important things in PUBG.

    So according to that book, there is four major step in making any habit-forming products and which are -

    • Action
    • Variable Rewards 
    • Investment

    So the makers of PUBG used these four major habit forming strategies and this worked very well as you all know.

    So now the question comes how to stop The PUBG Addiction? 

    So friends, according to me basically any type of addiction has three types of things which are triggering you to do a particular work.

    1- Trigger
    2- Taste
    3- Time

    After targeting these three points or The T3 Rule to Quit PUBG Addiction is enough and after that, you never ever search for My Boyfriend is addicted to PUBG.

    So Let's know in depth and try to beat the PUBG Addiction.

    1. Trigger 

    Let's say that you are walking on a road you just saw a policeman with a gun and then PUBG hits in your mind. So this is how the trigger works and in this case, you cant be able to do anything.

    God has created our mind with extra perfection and we can restructure our minds data by simply adding new interesting data.

    So to counter Your trigger you have to make a new habit. You can simply start writing and start learning music etc and anything which you love and finds interesting. 

    When you do that you can start seeing a positive change that will slowly-slowly counter your those type of triggers which reminds you about PUBG and when you do this for few months then when you see any policeman with a gun nothing will happen as your mind data has been updated with new interning data. But this process takes time so be patience.

    2. Taste

    Well, I'm not talking about the Taste of food but I'm talking about the feeling you have for that particular addiction. 

    In this case, you have A PUBG addiction so here when kill your opponents then you feel cool and your Appetite will increase you will start finding more people. 

    That's how taste works, to overcome your this habit you can simply concentrate on your main goal that is we discussed upper. 

    When you have new data on your mind your mind will keep you away from that Taste to hit on your mind and because you are building new interesting habits your minds will change this Taste with the new one.

    Pubg-girl, girl-crazy-for-pubg, stop-pubg-addiction

    3. Time

    Time matters a lot in making addiction or breaking the addiction.  As our mind suggest us to do a particular work at a particular time and if we are busy at that particular time then our mind did not suggest us to do that particular work which indirectly lowers the chance of increase of that habit. 

    That's how time plays a major role in addiction. PUBG addiction or other addiction you can overcome any addiction by simply targeting your mind remind you of your bad habit.

    So you have figure out at what time you get the thoughts about PUBG and any other habit that you have to overcome and after you figure out the time you have to put yourself in a VERY BUSY Situation/Work.

    Here I'm saying very busy means You have to give you all attention to that work/situation so that can not get a single through about PUBG and this will help you in to Quit PUBG addiction.

    Now, how you can give attention?

    So For that, you have to find your real and genuine interest. You have to figure out what you can do instead of playing PUBG? It can be anything but also a practically possible thing.

    Like if you love bicycling you can do bicycling at that particular time. 

    I will suggest you do any outdoor games because when you are out from home the light of nature and fresh oxygen works a lot or you can also do any indoor games/work that you love and want to do very badly instead of PUBG.

    >>Update #1 ( 13 Feb 2019)<<

    So I'm updating this article and adding some more information and tips how can you overcome the PUBG Addiction or Quit PUBG addiction.

    >>For Parents<<

    If you are a parent then its a taught time for you if your child has been addicted to PUBG. So the question is how you can handle this situation? 

    It's my request to all the parents to do not be angry or shout on your child. Because this will make your child more determined towards PUBG

    So what you can do? The best way to treat your child with PUBG addiction is "MOTIVATION" and with Motivation anything is possible. 

    Let me Give you an example

    A boy who study in school, one day the mother of that boy is called in the school and after that school is removed her child from the school. Later, when the boy asks his mother in the house why he was fired from the school? 

    So his mother told him that they removed you from the school because you are very sharp and intelligent from all other students.

    But the truth is that the school had taken him out because he was a slow-minded student according to that school.

    But his mother's few words have changed the whole scene. The boy later became a scientist and invented the bulb and the name of that Low minded boy according to that school is Thomas Alva Edison.

    That's how Positive word works. Give your child these type of story, give your child some knowledge, some facts and share quality time your child and tell your child motivational stories in your unique tongue. IT WILL HELP DEFIANTLY and very helpful to Quit PUBG Addiction of your child.

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    Conclusion on Quit PUBG Addiction

    So that's it's for now. PUBG Addiction is a very serious Addiction friend as PUBG is now available on mobiles too. So you have to be very careful and smart enough to overcome your PUBG ADDICTION or to Quit PUBG Addiction.

    It's not too late, you can start now and you will definitely see the positive result in a month.

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    Although I wanna say that all the tricks that I shared in this article are created by me. And I think if you follow those three points then you can overcome any Habit whether it is PUBG ADDICTION or anything else.

    stop pubg addiction

    So I hope you liked this article and if you do then please subscribe to this blog because I will post articles like this on this blog regularly.

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    So friends if you want more motivation and want to be on the top in life then follow this awesome blog. 

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    Be happy be the game changer  ✌
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