Media net Vs AdSense [Which is The Best?]

Media net Vs AdSense [Which is The Best?]

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Media net and google AdSense both are the worlds leading ad networks with over 80% market share.

On the Internet, there are many articles available that tells you that Google AdSense is better than media net but in today's article, I'm going to tell you the real 25 reasons why media net is far better than Google AdSense but google AdSense is still my first choice.

After this Media net Vs AdSense comparison article, you'll know everything about these two ad networks.

So hello Friends welcome back to Gtechxp, let's start.

    Media net Vs AdSense 

    So the media net is the product of Yahoo! bing contextual ad networks whereas Google AdSense is the product of Google itself.

    Media net is first created by an Indian whose name is Divyank Turakhia, he started the company back in 2010 with only 20 employees and within 6 years the company recruits 800+ employees.

    A lot of people says that media net is the best alternative for Google AdSense but I don't agree with all of them.

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    I think they say media net is a Google AdSense alternative because media net arrived in the market a little bit late.

    According to me, media net and AdSense both are different companies and media net is enough for you if want to monetize your blog instead of AdSense and you'll earn more from media net as compared to Google AdSense but few t&c.

    Let's See and compare some points between Media net vs AdSense.

    1. Media net is contextual ads network hence it works totally differently from Google AdSense algorithm as media net show only related keywords in which you have written your content/article.

    2. Media net support system is far far better than Google AdSense and when you get approval from media net they will give you a manager who is always there for you, if you want any help and need any technical support just tell your personal manager and he/she will solve it ASAP.

    3. Media net never shows ads like Google AdSense but it shows ads in terms of keywords and people may think that this is a part of your content hence more click more revenue.

    4. Highly responsive ads groups with different types of color options so that you can create an ad group as you want. (Like Color, height, and width and more.)

    media net vs adsense,
adsense alternatives, how to get media dot net approval, google adsense vs media net,
best high paying google adsense alternatives, blogger media net
    Media net vs AdSense

    5. Media net is a fast mover and Google AdSense is the first mover. If media dot net grows with the current speed then it could beat Google AdSense in 2 years. 

    6. Media net gives special attention to all website and monetizes and optimizes their ad groups according to that website and all these works have done by a human, not Via Bots 😆 (Like In AdSense)

    7. Media net is not an alternative of Google AdSense but it is fully operational ads network which is enough for you to earn respectable and reasonable money.

    8. Media net is a company of professionals and they respect their publishers and their attitude towards their publishers is very soft and encouraging not like Google AdSense.

    9. Media net never suspends your account without warning but in Google AdSense, they just don't find it important to inform the publisher before taking any action in the AdSense account.

    10. Media net provides you full supports with their official email ID whereas you did not get any official Email ID from Google AdSense, In sort, AdSense Don't care about Their Publisher because they think that they have enough customer and losing you(one) is nothing for them and zero effect.

    media net vs adsense,
adsense alternatives, how to get media dot net approval, google adsense vs media net,
best high paying google adsense alternatives, blogger media net
    Media net vs AdSense

    11. Media net earns more than 90% revenue from the US, 5% from the UK and Canada and rest 5% from the all over the world hence if your blog or content get high traffic from the US then you'll earn more than AdSense.

    12. Media net works and builds Products that are at the forefront of machine-learning. Media net ads are optimized to display the most relevant ads and offers.

    13. Media net works on an equilibrium state as media dot net serve ads which do not decrease the user experience also not void any privacy policy of the end-user.

    14. Media net simplifies online advertising by building top-tier products with adding leading advertisers in their platforms.

    15. Media net is the original creator of display-to-search (D2S) ad format by simply providing user interesting search keywords and this ad format works a lot for both publishers as well as advertisers.

    media net vs adsense,
adsense alternatives, how to get media dot net approval, google adsense vs media net,
best high paying google adsense alternatives, blogger media net
    Media net vs AdSense

    16. Media net comes with neat and clean and easy to use Control Panel so that you can apply any changes easily.

    17. The media net uses Less in size JavaScript ads hence media net ads takes less time to load so it will not affect user experience. As a Source of Income 

    If you're a blogger, website owner and publishing agency and wanted to monetize your blog/website you can simply sign up for ads and start your earning right away. 

    Sign Up for Media net - Click Here

    Media net ads Publisher requirement 

    #1 Your website must have English content.

    #2 Your website must receive traffic from United state of America, United Kingdom, and Canada.

    #3 Must have enough content on your website.

    #4 Read the full terms and condition here - Click Here

    Media net vs AdSense

    18. You don't have to check for the fraud activity as media dot net will never suspend your account without notice if you get the high amount of spam clicks they will give you a warning after that you can secure your account by blocking those users.

    19. One best part with media net is you don't have to give any id proof to them they will send you money directly on your PayPal account. So No Worry, No ID Proof.

    20. Media networks very smartly and their Revenue and ROI optimization capabilities are top-notch. They use Superior technology and Comprehensive feature and Scalability with 100% uptime

    21. Media net is Highly-optimized solution for high speed and low latency hence more advantage to you as a publisher.

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    22. You can easily create ads unit on media net and the ads creating on media dot net is very easy but the best part about media net is their ads are very responsive and highly customizable.

    Media net vs AdSense

    23. Media net Ads Go live just after the second you put the code in your website, not like Google AdSense which takes 10 to 15 minutes to be active.

    24. With media net you will get a stable revenue hence you can get paid every month without any issue like with AdSense as Google AdSense have Very and Modern Drama!

    25. You can take your money in your bank account via PayPal hence media net provides Hassle-free payments.

    26. Media net gives you a chance to become ambassador by simply signing up for the media net affiliate program.

    # Questions Related to Media net vs Google AdSense.

    Some of the highly asked question and their answers are given below. If you love this article please share this article. I'm doing intense hard work to increase my content quality and give you all the best possible article.

    Can I use Media Net with AdSense?

    Yes! Actually google AdSense offers its customers a special service called double click which generally supports a few 3rd party advertisement along with Google AdSense.

    What is Double Click?

    So double is click is special service that is given to all its AdSense customers to show other 3rd party ads provider's ads on their website.

    Double is optimized in this way that it automatically calculates the best ads for your website where you have already put the AdSense and media net ads. 

    Does Double is Increases Revenue? 

    Yes! Definitely, it will increases your earning as it will only show high CPC ads on your page from both the ads networks which are AdSense and media net.

    Not Just media net but You can also use several other ads networks with AdSense.

    How much does media net pay per click?

    Media net is very keyword centric contextual ads network hence you will get less click but when you get a click then its post probably gives you around $2 to $10 for just one click. Remember Click from the US, UK Canada will give you this type of CPC but from other countries, it is very low even lower than AdSense!

    How can I increase my Media Net earnings?

    Write Content on High CPC keywords and you can also block low CPC ads on your media net account by yourself or through your media net account manager.

    Which ad network pays the most?

    Google AdSense! Yea this is real truth! You can't expect a regular income from other ads networks. In the case of media net you only earn when you get views from us, in and Canada.

    Is info links better than AdSense?

    No! All these ads networks (excluding media net) are a child in front of google AdSense. You can't believe that the profit these type of ads network make in a month, google AdSense top-level publisher earns per months. Popular news websites and other big websites are making millions every month from google AdSense.

    Can I use other ads with AdSense?

    Yes! You can use a few ads networks along with your AdSense account. Just make sure that the other ads network wont break any AdSense Privacy Policy otherwise you AdSense account might get disapproved.
    A recent interview of founder of Media net. (3rd party Video)

    Final Words:

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    Media net vs AdSense

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