Must have SEO tools apps for Android and IOS. [Very Useful]

Must have SEO tools apps for Android and IOS. [Very Useful]

Must have SEO Tools apps for Android and IOS.

Hello friends, This is going to be a very useful article for bloggers who want to start blogging with just a smartphone. 

As you know that if you want to Rank #1 on Google then you have to write a killer and high quality article with Full SEO optimization.

So hello friends welcome back to Gtechxp - technology has no boundaries lets start the article.

    SEO or search engine optimization just have 3 words but there are people who given their 5 to 10 years to learn this "SEO" And they are still learning because SEO is something which is not limited. 

    In SEO you will have to learn everything which can help your content to be search engine friendly and easily accessible to search engines. 

    (Note: SEO means the content with a nice structure which helps search engine robots to easily access it. But with Only SEO you cant rank on Google.)

    There are many SEO Masters out there and they guaranteed you that they can rank your content on Google's first page in 24/hrs or so on, but this is not possible

    You have to write a high-quality in-depth article with SEO and then only after that you can expect your content to be on the first page of Google.

    Even it is not 100% sure that after doing all the work your content will rank on Google and that is the truth and work accordingly and be motivated.

    After reading upper content I think you will have an idea of how Google works and what you have to do for ranking on the first page on Google.

    Now let's start the topic, Must have SEO tools apps on Android and IOS.

    #1. Sinium SEO Tools

    must have SEO apps android, SEO apps iOS, SEO tools android, SEO tools iOS

    Sinium SEO Tools is a very useful and powerful tool for a smartphone blogger to analyze their content/website with the different type of almost 50 unique and different tools in one app and get the best possible outcome to find where you have to work more and more from SEO to Your Websites SEO everything will be sorted out in this small yet powerful app called sinium SEO tools.

    Sinium SEO Tools have over 50+ Essential SEO tools for mobile bloggers and using this tool you can do everything related to your blog like you can check your backlinks, rewrite articles, article word counter, check Alexa ranking, generate advanced meta tags for your blog website.

    # Features of Sinium Seo Tools

    1. Alexa Rank

    2. MozRank

    3. Page Authority

    4. Google SERP Keyword Position

    5. PageRank Check

    6. Broken Links Finder

    7. Code to Text Ratio

    8. DMOZ Listing Checker

    9. Google Cache

    10. HTTP Headers

    11. Keyword Density

    12. Keyword Suggestion

    13. Links Counter

    14. Mobile Friendly Test

    15. Page Size Checker

    16. Free SEO Review

    17. Social Stats

    18. Source Code

    19. Spider Simulator

    20. Website Links Counter

    21. www Redirect Checker

    22. GZIP Compression

    23. Screen Resolution Simulator

    24. Server Status

    25. Website Speed Test

    26. Meta Tag Generator

    27. Meta Tags Analyzer

    28. Backlinks Lookup

    29. Robots.txt Generator

    30. XML Sitemap Generator

    31. Search Engine Pinger

    32. Article Rewriter (Article Spinner)

    33. Plagiarism Checker

    34. Word Counter

    35. WordPress Ninja


    36. Class C IP Checker

    37. DNS Records

    38. Domain Age

    39. Domain Authority

    40. Domain IP Lookup

    41. Hosting Provider Lookup

    42. Reverse IP Domain Lookup

    43. URL Encoder / Decoder

    44. Whois

    45. AVG Website Scan

    46. Blacklist Lookup

    47. Google Malware Scan

    48. MD5 Generator

    49. URL Rewriting Tool

    50. Email Extractor

    51. My Browser Info

    52. My IP Address IP

    53. Website Screenshot Generator

    54. Website Worth Estimate.

    #2. Blogger pro free

    SEO apps android, SEO apps iOS, SEO tools android, SEO tools iOS, seo tools for new bloggers

    Blogger pro free is just an alternative version of the official Google blogger app but this app has a few simple tools that will help you a lot.

    In this app, you can get the almost all functions that you get on the desktop, like the bold word, insert a link, quote, add an image, add bullet points etc.

    Overall it is a very good and convenient app for mobile bloggers as it's quite annoying to open blogger on the browser for doing any change in the article.

    >>Top Features of Blogger Pro Free<<

    Format and align text.

    Add multiple pictures on posts and pages.

    Create blog posts including viewing, updating and deleting.

    View comments and moderate them directly from the app.

    View blog stats.

    #3. Learn SEO, SMO... By WsCube Tech

    SEO tools android, SEO apps iOS, SEO tools android, SEO tools iOS

    Learn SEO, SMO... From WsCube Tech is a great app if you want to learn SEO, SMO, and digital marketing. In this app, you get the latest tricks to grow your knowledge as well as grow your website's visitors.

    In this app, you will get a unique way to promote your contents.

    This app is designed for beginners you will get step by step knowledge from the WsCube team. 

    >>In This app you will learn these topics<<

    Digital Marketing

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

    SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

    SMO (Social Media Optimization)

    SMM (Social Media Marketing)

    PPC (Pay per Click)

    Google Analytics

    Google Webmaster tool

    Google AdWords

    Email Marketing

    YouTube Marketing

    Facebook Marketing

    Twitter Marketing

    Web Analytics and more.

    >>Top Features of learn SEO, SMO by WsCube<<

    You can stream video

    Text lessons

    Every week new content

    Easy to understand study materials

    Quiz to track the learning status

    Interview questions on all topics

    Discussion and doubt solving in the question-answer section

    The setting track of a number of questions or answers published etc.

    #4. Canava

    seo tools, seo apps, SEO apps android, SEO apps iOS, SEO tools android, SEO tools iOS

    Canava is spreading like fire, it is the best and top-rated photo editing app on google play store.

    You can use this app to create your own blog banners for your content with many style option ad free of cost.

    Canava gives your blog's images a premium look and hence your will attract more user's attention and it will decrease your bounce rate because surveys are shown that good images will improve your website's bounce rate.

    Not just blogger banner but you can create you Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, and many more social media accounts profile as well as cover images in a fraction of seconds.


    » Create a memorable instaquote with the Instagram Highlight cover and Instagram highlights icons maker.

    » Create awesome Facebook Posts & Facebook Covers.

    » Design Pinterest and Twitter banners & Youtube thumbnails.

    » Logo designer, book cover, blog design for any project.

    » birthday card maker, wedding invitation maker, event creator.

    » Simple and free image editing app.

    » Photo collage maker, flier maker, banner maker for any occasion.

    » Stunning Instagram Story templates.

    » Design motivational quotes.

    » For business: logo graphic design, brochure, resume, presentation, promo poster maker.

    #5. ColorNote

    SEO Apps, SEO apps android, SEO apps iOS, SEO tools android, SEO tools iOS

    It is very good and easy to use notepad and very popular too. This color, not notepad is useful for taking note of general use as well you can use it to write an article on it.

    The best part of this app is its long-run ability. Now you might think about what it is?

    So This is the highest word capacity a note pad can handle.

    This color note notepad works very effectively and handle big article without any glitch or hang.


    » Organize notes by color.

    » Put your notes on your home screen.

    » Checklist notes for To do list & Shopping list.

    » Organize your schedule by note in the calendar.

    » Write a diary and journal in the calendar.

    » Password Lock note: Protect your notes with a passcode.

    » Secured backup notes to SD storage.

    » Supports online back up and sync. You can sync notes between phone and tablet.

    » Reminder notes on the status bar.

    » List/Grid View.

    » Search notes.

    » Powerful task reminder: Time Alarm, All day, Repetition.

    #6. Grammarly Keyboard

    SEO apps android, seo tools for mobile bloggers, SEO apps iOS, SEO tools android, SEO tools iOS

    This is the most important app for a blogger or writer who writes content.

    If your work is related to the writing in any way then you must use this very awesome Grammarly keyboard which amazingly suggests the error on your content.

    Grammarly also provides premium services with an improved and deeper scan which almost wipe out the even a single grammar mistake in your content.

    Although you can use its free version on your android/ios devices and its just amazing. Start writing now!


    » Sophisticated grammar checker.

    » Contextual spelling checker.

    » Advanced punctuation correction.

    » Vocabulary enhancements.

    » Keyboard integrates smoothly with all apps.

    » Easy to set up.

    » See short, clear explanations for every correction.

    » Helps you understand your mistakes and avoid them in the future.

    Apps for Advanced Bloggers

    Below are some apps which are for an advanced bloggers who are blogging from at least three months but not necessarily.

    If you are just starting blogging kindly work on your content.

    #7. Google spreadsheets

    SEO apps android, SEO apps iOS, SEO tools android, SEO tools iOS, SEO in 2020

    It's a very useful and an alternative of Microsoft excel and with google spreadsheets, you can do much more things which are not available on Microsoft excel.

    You may know how it works, but google spreadsheet is very useful to create a keyword list with all its data like per month searches and search difficulty etc.


    » Create new spreadsheets or edit existing files.

    » Share spreadsheets and collaborate in the same spreadsheet at the same time.

    » Work anywhere, any time even when you're offline.

    » Format cells, enter or sort data, view charts, insert formulas, use find/replace etc.

    » Never worry about losing your work everything is saved automatically as you type.

    » Get insights instantly, quickly insert charts and apply formatting in a single tap.

    » Open, edit and save Excel files.

    Social media apps

    Now here I'm listing some very popular and useful social media apps which can be very useful for your with wide angle possibilities.

    #8. Quora

    SEO apps android, SEO apps iOS, SEO tools android, SEO tools iOS, best SEO apps

    Quora is a very useful app for many reasons because you will get various opportunities in quora.

    If you are a blogger then you must use quora for getting targeted traffic as well a high-quality backlink.

    You can use quora for self-exposure too. You can start blogging in quora too and you can make yourself famous in quora in no time.

    #9. Medium

    seo tools and apps

    Its is also a very useful website for many reasons. It is a very high authority website which gives your contents great exposure.

    Many people are doing blogging on medium and earning a lot. Medium offers monetization to their content writers also that means you can earn from your content.

    If you want traffic and backlinks then you can also use the medium. Just write 2/3 part of your main article which is already published on your website on medium and drive traffic with know more link the footer section of your article on medium.

    #10. Twitter lite

    seo tools for new bloggers

    You can just use twitter if you are blogging. Twitter is a great source of high-quality backlink and traffic.

    You can easily post your article links on twitter and drive traffic to your post/article.

    You can also use various # tags which are related to your content before posting your post/article link on twitter.

    #11. Pinterest

    SEO apps android, SEO apps iOS, SEO tools android, SEO tools iOS, seo tools apps

    Pinterest is the most famous among women and if your niche is related to women then you must use Pinterest for traffic as well as for selling a product.

    You can easily create a pin on Pinterest and just add your article link on that pin and when a person opens your pin and clicks anywhere on your pinned image then he/she will be redirected to your website/article/product page.

    Some Less important but useful apps for the long run.

    So if are serious on blogging then you should consider these things after a few months in the blogging field.

    You can try it in your spare time and trust me it will really really help you a lot in your entire blogging journey.

    #12. Solo Learn/Programming hub

    SEO apps android, SEO apps iOS, SEO tools android, SEO tools iOS

    As a blogger, you can't afford to hire a programmer for every time you see any problem on your website.

    Whether you are using blogger or WordPress or any other blogging platform you need to know the basic coding.

    You must learn at least basic HTML and CSS and there are various courses are available online but also android/ios apps are also available.

    SEO apps android, SEO apps iOS, SEO tools android, SEO tools iOS

    Solo Learn or Programming hub both are very useful apps to learn to code.

    An Example of Mine

    I stuck in a situation where I have to delete the whole code of my website because of various glitches.

    And this problem happened to me many times and every time I have to start from the beginning.

    But after I learned the HTML and CSS then i will easily solve all the glitches on my website without any headache.

    You can go for JavaScript and PHP after learning the HTML and CSS. Just start learning basic coding if you want to become a successful and smart blogger.

    #13. Udemy

    SEO apps android, SEO apps iOS, SEO tools android, SEO tools iOS

    Udemy is yet another platform for free/paid online courses and you can learn coding as well as SEO and marketing and many more.

    Some courses are free and some are paid but if you are can't afford paid courses then you can easily get the paid courses for free, click here to more.

    #14. Wiki How

    It is also a very important app for your daily life as well as blogging life.

    You can learn various information with a picture and you will also find various Blogging as well as SEO related content on wiki how which can be very useful for you.

    You can also generate various content ideas for your blog using the wiki how just use the app and get various topics and get the idea and write on the sub-topics that main topic.

    Final words

    So friends today we discussed TOP 3 Must-Have Apps for mobile Bloggers. If you are a mobile blogger then these 3 apps can change your blogging experience and take your blogging skills to another level.

    Fact about #Blog

    Do you know that peoples create more than 2 million blogs every day in the world and publish millions of contents.

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    I hope I helped you out through my this post. If you benefited from this post then subscribe to this blog and share this article with your friends. 

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    Be happy, be the game changer ✌
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