Mi Tokens Play and win Secret Revealed [Real Truth]

Mi Tokens Play and win Secret Revealed [Real Truth]

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Mi Tokens Play and Win

How many of you have tried Mi Tokens on Mi official Website? So friends as you all know that technology has no boundaries but now some people are using technology to fool other people. Do you want to know how? Keep reading this article. So, Friends, It's My last article of the year and I'm going to reveal all the insights of the Mi Tokens Play and Win.

So welcome back to Gtechxp, let's start.

    What is Mi Tokens?

    So this is basically a Token that being introduce by Xioami and you can use Mi tokens to Get Mi Accessories Coupons or Mi VIP accessories Coupons. You will get 100 rupees Mi Accessories Coupons from your 2999 Mi Tokens and 1000 rupees Mi accessories coupons from your 9999 Mi tokens.

    Mi Tokens

    There is no problem with Mi Tokens, the problem is with that Play and Win with Mi Tokens and they say that the prize pool is 3x bigger than before but sadly this is not true as when you play with your 50 Mi Tokens you not gonna win anything big but a 10 Mi Tokens.

    Play and Win Mi Tokens?

    In simple word, This is highly scripted and you never gonna win more than 10 Mi Tokens. Now let's know why this happens.

    So when you log in to your Mi account you will see "Play and Win" option where you can See lots of things that you can win. See below.

    You can win 10 Mi Tokens, Redmi 6A F Code or Redmi 6A at Rs 1 and Mi Casual backpack at Rs 1 and Rs 200, Rs 500, Rs 750 and Rs 1000 Mi VIP accessories Coupons but you only gonna win 10 Mi tokens every time.

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    But as I said that now some people are using technology to fool other people and the Mi Play and Win System is the perfect example of this because when you play you win just 10 Mi tokens every time.

    How Mi Play and Win Works?

    As you know that you can do many types of things with "Scripts" and Mi Play and win also works on a script which is set to output as 10 Mi tokens and hence every time you play you get only 10 Mi tokens.

    As technology is growing some peoples are trying to fool other people. It's Proved that when you give something for free then people will follow you and that is the reason behind all of these type of things are used by the millions.

    The human brain gives more attention to free things or pays less get more! Mi Know this and implemented this on their Play and Win and people are Playing with the hope to mobile but they only get 10 Mi tokens.

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    See some screenshots below; you can see the whole list live on Mi Official Site.

    Why everytime I get 10 Mi Tokens?

    Final Words

    So friends today we learned about what is Mi Tokens and how Mi Tokens Play and Win works.

    It was a slightly different article and not everyone can understand this article and this article is only understandable for people who know what is Mi tokens and How Mi Play and Win works?

    Be happy be the game changer✌
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