IQ option Broker Detailed Review and Full Case Study [Real or Fake?]

IQ option Broker Detailed Review and Full Case Study [Real or Fake?]

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Earn money from IQ Option broker app?

In today's world, everyone wants to earn money from their home. The right and smart use of the internet can give you lots of money by just using your mind and of course internet. 

So if you want to earn money from home then you can earn from home with an app called IQ option Broker app. So the question is how to Earn money from IQ option broker app?

So welcome back to Gtechxp, let's start.

    What is IQ Option Broker app?

    Before going further I will tell you something about IQ option Broker app. This App is a brokering app where you can earn high about of money in less time using your mind and money.

    But more money in less time is a little bit of risk.

    So yes! your thinking is right. There is a risk of losing money too but if you are lucky and if you invest a little bit of time to know the process of how to invest money smartly and correctly on iq option broker app then you can win the high amount of money in less time.

    How to use IQ Option Broker app

    So after you sign in to IQ Option Broker app then you have to select the highest or lowest point of any stock and after one minute (or your selected time period) if your selected point will not be crossed over by stocks then you are a winner. Just simple is That!!

    How to start with IQ Option Broker app?

    So first you have to create an account on IQ Option Broker app or website then after creating your account you will get $10000(ten thousand dollars) as a gift to practice and invest and learn how it works. You can invest the $10000 and increase your experience but let me tell you that you can't withdraw money if you win.

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    Means if you are playing with the bonus $10000 then you can't withdraw that money to your bank but if you invest your real money on this app then after inverting your own money if you won then your money will be available in your bank in 10 to 15 days. (It takes little bit long time, isn't it?)

    IQ Option Broker app

    Many people's are playing on IQ Option Broker app and earning money and if you have some money to Invest and want to earn money fast then this is a very good option for you. 

    But you have to be smart enough to earn money from iq option. You can start with small amounts and after that, you can increase your investment.

    Some Feature of IQ Option Broker app.

    #1 IQ Option Forex:
    -24/7 support.
    -Major and exotic currency pairs
    -Negative balance protection.
    -Low spreads.
    -Autoclose of your positions.
    -A wide range of multipliers.

    #2 IQ Option Stocks:
    -World’s most popular companies at your fingertips.
    -Facebook, Amazon and many more.
    -Corporate news and announcement inside the app.

    #3 IQ Option Commodities:
    -Wide choice of assets.
    -Gold, silver, oil on one platform.

    #4 IQ Option Indices
    -Great for long-term investments.
    -Diversification of risks.
    -Updates about the overall economy.

    Indian User of IQ option

    So according to SEBI IQ option is an illegal app and anything goes wrong with your money then you can't complain anywhere as this is an illegal app according to SEBI in India.

    Not just IQ option but all Binary options apps are illegal in India according to SEBI. Its mean that you cannot take legal action if anything happens to your money.

    # Disclaimer (Must Read)

    So, friends, IQ option is a Commodity Platform where you have to invest money on a particular stock to earn money and yes you can earn money by investing money on iq option. Hence it is a little bit of gambling type of work. If you want money then you can start using this or if you are able to invest money on iq option then.

    All mobile trading apps including IQ option are just like gambling. If your prediction goes wrong then you lost your money and if goes right then you win money.

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    But according to many people when they start investing real money on these type of trading apps they lost. I do not suggest you invest your valuable money on this type of platforms.

    If you really want to earn money online then there are too many other ways which are genuine and legal.

    Investing money and winning more money is also habit-forming practices and its totally on you to use IQ option or not.

    # Final words

    So today I have given you all some tips on IQ Option broker app to earn money from it. As I said in the disclaimer these type of things will be dangerous as it is almost like gambling.

    So keep it in your mind that you may win here and also lose here. Not everyone is winning on this app so take this as a precaution before signing up to IQ Option broker app.

    Be happy be the game changer.
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