International Payment from India and how to add Rupay Card on PayPal? [Full Guide]

International Payment from India and how to add Rupay Card on PayPal? [Full Guide]

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International Payment from India

If you are shopping Lover or if you are in the business where you have to do international payments from India on international online shopping websites like Amazon, aliexpress etc. 

But only have Rupay Card then you must have to read this article to know about all T&C of International transaction on Rupay Card and how you can do international payment from India using your debit card and How to add Rupay Card to Paypal.  

So hello guys welcome to Gtechxp let's start.

    if you have to do an international transaction from India then this may be a very big Problem for you. As Strict RBI rules and the Crazy Transaction fees of banks will make you MAD

    And if you own a Rupay Card for the International transaction then its more difficult and different banks have different transaction fees on the international transaction.

    How to add Rupay card to PayPal?

    No! You can not add a simple rupay debit card to PayPal but you can if you have a rupay platinum card then you may add that card to PayPal if your card is enabled for online transaction internationally.

    Keep in mind that some bank only offers you Rupay Platinum card that is can be used internationally but in an offline way. Means you can do the transaction at only ATMs.

    On the other hand, there are few banks in India which offers you to pay from your Rupay platinum debit card from India on an international website (means online and offline both).

    So if your rupay card is active for the online international transactions then you can add it to PayPal by selecting Discover as your Card type on PayPal.

    Why International payment from India is difficult?

    Because of the strict rules of RBI, according to RBI, an online transaction must be verified with an OTP and this is also called 3D verification. In India, every website has implemented this 3D verification because of this process you have to enter an OTP every time you shop online.

    But with an international website there is no such 3D verification implemented so those international websites can't redirect you to the OTP page and hence your transaction gets failed every time.

    But The Question arrives that the other people are doing payments internationally from India then why not you?

    International payment from India.

    You can also do the international transaction from India but with certain banks debit/credit cards. Most of the private backs of India offers debit cards with pre-enabled online and offline international payments.

    But if you have a Rupay Platinum debit card with international transaction enabled then you can make international payments in seconds. 

    But it has also different term and conditions and it also deepens to your bank.

    There are two types of transaction

    1. Transaction on an international ATM/POS (using your physical card)

    2. Transaction on the international website (Online Transaction)

    Now let's talk about the first one, Transaction on an international ATM/POS. All Rupay Platinum Debit Card can be used to withdraw money from an international ATM using your card's PIN. 

    But for doing This type of transactions you have to activate your card for international transactions.

    Note: Using your card on international ATMs will cost you money as every bank have different types of charges like service fee/charge etc for your very international transaction.

    PIN full Form: Personal Identification Number.

    And now talk about the second one, that is Transaction on the international websites.

    The hidden truth is that most of the  Rupay Platinum Debit Cards are not enabled for online transaction on international websites even the Rupay cards supports the international payment gateways like "DiscoverDiners Club International, and Pulse". Etc because of the 3D rule of RBI.

    But few banks Rupay Platinum Debit Card have enabled both international ATM and International websites online transactions. 

    For example, Axis banks Rupay Platinum Debit Card can able to do online International transactions and most of the private bank offers the same but as I said already Govt bank didn't offer the Rupay Platinum Debit Card for online international transactions.

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    So, guys, this is a very important part of the whole article. Please read this carefully.

    If your Rupay Platinum Debit Card supports online international transition then you should be aware that direct use of your debit cards on international websites is not safe.

    If you buy any type of services like hosting, domain and any other services then most of the international websites auto deducts the amount from your bank after 1 year that will cost you a lot of money.

    To prevent this you can use PayPal to payment on those international websites which has many benefits like your cards details are safe and you have to confirm the payment after a year without your permission, they can't deduct money from your bank account.

    Extras Knowledge: Rupay is made from the prefix of rupee and payments words.

    # Final Words

    So I hope you have got your problem solved after reading this article. If you have any doubt you can comment below and I will try to give a reply as soon as possible.

    FactZone: When was the first online purchase made? A- in 1994 (Online shopping)

    This article is the whole package for those who want to do international transactions using a  Rupay Platinum Debit Card or other but all of you should consider upper advice before doing an international transaction online or at ATM.

    Be happy be the game changer✌
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