Delete Negative Backlinks Easily [Disavow Link]

Delete Negative Backlinks Easily [Disavow Link]

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Delete Negative backlinks

As you all know good Backlinks will increase your website ranking in Google but When you get Backlinks from a Crap website then Google will throw out your website from its data and your website no longer visible on Google. In this case you have to delete Negative Backlinks of your website after that your all cheap backlinks will not affect your ranking.

So welcome back to Gtechxp, let's start.

    Blogging is a Big Thing

    As today blogging is becoming famous among youth and everyone becoming a blogger.
    And One big thing with new blogger is that when they starting blogging they want page views on their website.

    From day one they want thousand of page views on their website which is not practically possible. 

    After some research they get to know that Backlinks are very useful and if they can create backlinks for their website then their website will start ranking on Google. Really?
    Use your mind?

    Their main motive is to start earning from day one which is impossible for a newbie blogger. So if you are a new blogger then do focus on your content first that everything comes.

    So their main motive is earning, and as a result, they started making backlinks everywhere no matter on which website and nothing. 

    They do not see the topic of a website or article and they just started generating backlinks from commenting or other ways.

    After doing that much hard work they receive nothing and at that time most of the blogger gives up. 

    Because they have created negative backlinks and Google already blocked their website.
    What are Negative Backlinks? 
    In simple word, the backlinks that negatively affect your website ranking.

    What are positive backlinks?
    The backlinks coming from high DA, PA websites in a genuine way are called positive backlink and that backlink can help you to rank on Google.

    The right way to get quality Backlinks

    So if you are also a beginner blogger then you should know that only backlinks can't rank your website and if you make backlinks make sure it's coming from high DA, PA websites.
    if possible try to make backlinks on the website which is similar to your websites niche although you can also make backlinks on the website of which niche is not similar to your website but make sure website's DA PA is high and less than 1% spam score.

    For example: Like if you run a website on technology then try to get backlinks from high DAPA technology websites for that you can do a guest post on those websites if not then you can try comment backlinks but comment backlinks are not that much effective. So try to get genuine backlinks.

    Delete/disavow negative backlinks

    If you are already made a lot of backlinks on crap/cheap websites then what should you do now to delete those negative backlinks and being safe from the negative effect of those backlinks? The solution is simple. You can easily delete Negative Backlinks of your website.

    For that First, you have to check your website's ranking and if your website's ranking is decreasing then you have to figure it out why this happening. Most of the time it happens due to negative backlinks.

    Maybe in your website, there are some other issues, so you have to find out what is the issue on your website, like when you continuously post copyrighted material on your website (content/image/video/gif) then there is also a chance that Google has blocked you for this reason. 

    After you find out the issue, and you find no issue on the website then you should check your backlinks. Because backlinks work on silent mode and you never be notified if your backlinks are working or not. 

    I suggest you to never make backlinks on crap websites but If your website has too many backlinks then you have or find out from which domain's backlinks are created this problem.

    You have to find this out only using your mind no one can help you.

    Process to Delete negative backlinks.

    After finding the domain/URL you can simply tell Google for not considering the backlinks from that particular website/domain

    For that, you have to submit a .txt file to Google search console and after a few days or weeks, Google will message you with the action they took on your request.

    Note: as you know Backlinks comes from a website/domain. You can simply disavow the whole domain and Google will not consider any backlinks from that particular website/domain.

    For disavowing a particular backlink from a website you have to go to the link given below and sing in with the same Gmail account of which your blogger/website is connected and follow the given instructions on the disavow tool.

    Click Here disavow or delete your negative backlinks.

    # Final Words

    As Positive/good backlink can rank your website a negative backlink can blank your website. So keep in mind and work in a genuine way and aim for long-term success.

    So Today we learned about how to delete negative backlinks of your website.

    I hope you like my efforts and wanna help me? Just share this article and follow this blog because here you get Different articles which are uniquely unique.
    Q. When the first backlink was made?
    A. In 1996 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin
    Be happy, be the game changer.
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