Pro Guide for Blogger Image Optimization [Easiest Way]

Pro Guide for Blogger Image Optimization [Easiest Way]

Blogger image optimization, image optimization tips, image SEO tips.

Blogger Image Optimization

Hello friends, if you are a blogger and using as a writing platform then this article is for you. In this article, I'm going to give you some very easy and quick tips on how to optimize images on blogger.

After reading this article you can optimize images for web pages and blogs online at free of cost. So stay connected and read the whole article.

So welcome back to Gtechxp, let's start.

    Blogger image optimization

    I think all of you are having a few experiences of blogging and you know the basic. But for a new blogger, I will start from basics so that new bloggers also get the right information on Blogger Basics.

    # Why Image Optimization?

    So the answer is simple "Fast Loading of your website". When You Write a new blog post on your blog and add at least one image on your blog post then every time you publish a new article your overall website size will increase and hence your website loading speed starts increasing. Means more time it takes to open your website.

    # New Bloggers

    I was also done this mistake on my blog as I did not know anything about blogger optimization image and hence I have to optimize all my blog images from first blog post to last blog post. So it's better to start blogging after knowing all little but important things and write Content like a professional.

    # Best Image Optimizer

    So people want the best image optimizer for their website but let me tell you that nothing is BEST in the world. Each and everything has some positive and some negative points. So keep in mind. But I will give you Not Best but genuine and quality image optimizing websites where you can do unlimited blogger optimization image as these websites are totally free.

    # Optimize image from Tinypng

    This is a very popular and good website for your all Image Optimization works. Tinypng is an online image optimizing website that provides you to optimize your images.

    TinyPNG uses smart lossy compression techniques to reduce the file size of PNG files. Photos compressed from TinyPNG are less in size but great in quality and hence uses less bandwidth and load faster.

    Visit TinyPNG- Click here

    # Optimize image from Compress Jpeg

    This is yet another and a great website that provides you online image optimization solution totally free. Friends this website works very well and on this website you will get the top class image optimization of your .jpeg or jpg images for your blog or website.

    Compress Jpeg is a free website and you can compress 20 images at a time you can download the images either separately or get them all, grouped in a ZIP archive.

    Note: CompressJPEG also offers PNG Compression and PDF Compression.

    Visit Compress JPEG - Click here

    # Optimize image from Image Optimizer

    This is also a very good website for image optimization. In this website, you can resize, compress and optimize your image files in lest time and as easy as clicking a button.

    In this website, your Optimized images are better and They are more suitable for blog or websites, email attachments, or even storage on your disk so give it a try.

    Visit Image Optimizer- Click here

    # Optimize Image From Ezgif

    So guys let me tell you that you can easily do lots of works like image resizing and gif making etc. This is an advanced tool for all your works related to images and here you can do lots of different works with image compression and GIF making.

    This website provides you Image Resize, Image Crop, GIF Maker, Video to GIF, GIF Optimizer, Effects, Add text, WebP, APNG, Online GIF make etc.

    Visit Ezgif- Click here

    [Update - So this article was updated on 27 April 2019 and I have two more ways to optimize your images effortlessly]

    # Image Optimize From WebsitePlanet 

    I got a mail from one of my blog reader and in that mail, he mentioned this tool and after that, I tried myself and found it great! I have tested this tool on my own blog to optimize images.

    It's can optimize images in the format of .jpg as well as .png and that is great! In this tool, you will optimize 40 images with 50 Mb each image size.

    This tool provides a nice outcome as you will get a high-quality image output in less size. I have optimized an image of 200 Kb from 1.2 Mb size image with very less loss in the quality of the image. 

    If you want more optimization of the image then you can again optimize the already optimized file and so that it will be highly optimized and looks like a high-resolution optimized image.

    Visit Website planet Tool - Click Here
    For all the android user if you want to reduce your images size then you can try an app and all the details are given below.

    QReduce: Mobso Apps

    So this app is fantastic app as it will compress your images like a pro and you can get your images in your size although if you compress images in very small size (like 1Mb file into 25Kb) then you will lose the quality of the file but if you compress the file in between 40 to 60Kb then your optimized image will not lose its quality. 

    Try it and tell me in the comment section about this app. 

    Download QReduce - Click Here

    Final Words

    So today I discussed a few ways to how to do blogger optimization image fast and online. As you all know that Image optimization is very important for your website to rank on Google.

    This article is helpful for all bloggers. Image optimization is very important in SEO but few peoples say that without image optimization you can't rank on Google but this is totally wrong.

    Image Optimization will add few points on all over SEO and you will get benefits in SEO. But if your content is great and more informative then you will 100% rank on Google.

    If you like my article then follow me and also subscribe to this website.
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