Artificial intelligence Examples and Future Artificial Intelligence [Good or Bad?]

Artificial intelligence Examples and Future Artificial Intelligence [Good or Bad?]

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Artificial Intelligence

Hello, friends today I'm going to cover a few important questions on AI, I start from basic questions on AI and then I try to cover questions like Artificial intelligence Examples and Future Artificial intelligence. so let's start this Great Artificial Intelligence article you can also say this article mini artificial intelligence course.

So welcome to GtechXp, let's start.

    Artificial Intelligence 

    As Artificial intelligence is growing rapidly and big companies like Google, Apple already started working on future Artificial Intelligence and hence in future you will see the next level of artificial intelligence.

    Next level of Artificial Intelligence? 

    So to give this answer I'm going to tell you that when a word like "Next level" comes it already gives us a sign that yaa, that is very powerful and have some really extraordinary capability.

    Same in artificial intelligence, next level artificial intelligence means very powerful with extraordinary capabilities and with more perfection.

    So to know more about Next level Artificial intelligence you have to know what are the basic Types of artificial intelligence and what is their limit.

    What are the types of artificial intelligence? 

    →ANI (Artificial Narrow Intelligence)
    →AGI (Artificial General Intelligence)
    →ASI (Artificial Superintelligence)

    "ANI also called weak AI because it only can do limited work."

    "AGI also called Strong AI or Human-Level AI. It has the same capabilities as a human."

    "ASI is also called as Singularity AI, which is cleaver then human."


    What is Singularity AI?

    Technological Singularity Artificial intelligence is the last stage of AI and Singularity AI is way more intelligent than humans and can do everything that a human can do and thinks. Also, Singularity AI can also handle the critical situations and Typical works which are can't be handled by humans or humans struggles to do.

    Who Created Artificial Intelligence?

    The first AI program Designed by Newell and Simon in 1955. But The person who finally regarded as the father of AI is John McCarthy.

    What is the best definition of AI?

    An AI is a computer program which is programmed in a way that it can behave like human and learn and change itself to provide seamless output.

    How does Artificial Intelligence work?

    An AI works according to the program that a programmer set. Nowadays different type of AI are available and different types of AI works differently.

    for example

    Google Assistance is made with speech recognition Artificial intelligence and it will work like if someone asks to Google Assistance it simply inserts this data on its database and the reply from its database is further forwarded to end user in the form of Speech. That's how an AI works.

    What is Artificial Intelligence in simple words?

    In a Simple word, an Artificial Intelligence is a computer program which can think and do the work as a human. So it is a computer program which works according to the program and once you created a program then you just insert it to your machine and your AI robot will start working.

    Application/Use of AI

    This is a very good question. Let me tell you that the world has changed and now everyone uses different types of AI in his/her daily life. Like if you use mobile then auto brightness is an AI and Auto Sleeping mode on mobile is also an AI and on Android, you can use Google assistance which is also an AI.

    So in our daily life, we use Artificial intelligence to make our work faster and easier.
    All of these are the application of AI. Like Google assistance is made with Speech Recognizing AI.

    More like an expert system, machine learning is also the application of AI with machine learning there is a subcategory in which all AI in which Machine learning is used are called Machine Learning AI.

    Machine learning AI is used widely in the industrial field and so we already using Machine learning AI. But In machine learning, the latest invention is self-driving cars which is the latest Artificial intelligence which can runs cars.

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    Future Artificial intelligence

    Future artificial intelligence, future AI

    Future of artificial intelligence is not determined. As most of you will think that the future of AI will be great but it's not like that my friend.

    Artificial intelligence has two faces good and bad. As weak AI can't be harmful to a human being but as you all know strong AI is more Intelligence to human and then it could be good or bad.

    But There is one more option available which is a singularity AI which is even more intelligence then Strong AI means the robots can overtake human in everything.

    And according to the AI experts Singularity, AI is just 30 years away. Means in 2050 there may be robots that could be actually smarter than humans.

    So the future of Artificial intelligence can't be determined now according to me. As it can go right and wrong. But in the future, it is sure that there is a lot of changes going to happen In Artificial Intelligence.

    Artificial Intelligence Examples

    There is an endless number of artificial intelligence examples as Artificial Intelligence is being used in almost every field and below are the few examples of Artificial Intelligence.

    Examples of AI

    →Artificial Intelligence can be used as spam filters.

    →Artificial Intelligence can be used as smart email categorization.

    →Artificial Intelligence can be used as a voice to text features.

    →smart personal assistants, such as Google now, apples Siri etc.

    →Artificial Intelligence can be used as an automated reply provider and online customer support.

    →Artificial Intelligence can be used as process automation.

    →Artificial Intelligence can be used as security surveillance.

    →Artificial Intelligence can be used as an automatic Safety checker.

    Is AI Smarter than humans? 

    If this coming in your mind that you are a very smart thinker and a creative thinker too. No Artificial intelligence is not smarter and clever than humans at present but no guarantee for future as singularity AI coming soon.

    Can Artificial Intelligence replace Humans?

    The answer to this question according to me is Yes (30%) and No(70%). As you know Artificial intelligence at present already started taking over humans and AI is Going to many different types of works which are earlier used to do by humans.

    On the other hand, AI cannot completely replace humans as no matter how much AI is smart but keep in mind that it Becoming smart because of a human. Human is the creator of AI, not AI is the creator of humans.

    Artificial intelligence technology is good or bad?

    Yes, Artificial Intelligence technology is no doubt good. Because the device on which you are reading this content is also AI supported device. And your device has different types of AI that you don't know.

    On the other hand, as I earlier said that everything has two faces good and bad. If you use anything in limit then it can't hurt you. Same with AI, If we use AI in a limit then it is very good but if we try to do our every work with the help of AI then its definitely Bad. AND SCIENTIST  KNOW THIS.

    Why Artificial Intelligence was made?

    AI was made for to help humans not replace humans. AI is something which gives humans to get their work done with fewer efforts. 
    (Give more Production on 'Less effort' means you still have to do some work, to get more result and without any work only magic can happen)

    And Now How we are using Artificial intelligence?

    Now we are using AI in little bit wrong way as today everyone needs an AI robot for their work and Most of the companies cutting their manpower with the substitute of an AI. Which is a little bit of sad and discussable topic.

    Why Future Artificial Intelligence is a Danger?

    Because in future The 3rd stage of AI the Singularity AI is coming and according to experts Singularity AI is gonna be way more intelligent than humans. So this has only two results VERY GOOD or VERY BAD. So just wait and see how humans are going to handles the Singularity AI.

    Can AI have the potential to change the world?

    Yes, If you remove artificial intelligence from Google then Google is nothing. Your everyday search on Google and your Android mobile's everyday activity is seen by Google AI and further, thee Google AI robots learn from your actions.

    So if A company like Google nothing without AI than There is 110% no doubt AI is potential to change the world but first, you have to finalize the way, you are going to use AI.

    What is IQ of Present AI?

    according to some study, it is found that a 4-year-old kid's IQ level is more or equal to The present AI. But as This question is very interesting it is also more debatable because different studies have shown different results. Some study says IQ of present AI equal to 4-year-old kids and some say it is equal to 6 years old kids.

    AI growing Speed?

    Artificial intelligence is going very fast and it is not just spreading in a single industry but it is spreading fast in all industry whether it is telecom industry or tv and news media everywhere AI is growing.

    How much time left for Singularity AI?

    According to AI experts, The singularity AI is just 30 years away from now. So be ready to feel the power of Artificial Superintelligence in near future.

    Is Amazon Alexa is an AI?


    Is Google assistance is an AI?


    Is Apples Siri is an AI?


    What will happen after Singularity AI?

    Singularity AI or Artificial Superintelligence is the most advanced Artificial Intelligence hence after Singularity AI everything will change and everyone judge the Superintelligence of Singularity AI like magic because the works Artificial Superintelligence or Singularity AI is capable to do are not less than magic. SUPER MAGIC!!


    Ho friends Artificial Intelligence is really great technology which is capable of going every work in a smart and easy way.

    Artificial intelligence has great topics to read and if you are interested to start a Course on Artificial intelligence then you can read this article.

    So, I hope you get your question's answers related to Artificial intelligence. I will update this article from time to time because AI not a small topic.

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    Be happy be the game changer.

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    2. Thanks for Sharing a useful content about Artificial Intelligence
      Please visit our website At SFJ Business Solutions we to shared some blogs about AI
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