Why Do Prices end with .99? [Secret Revealed]

Why Do Prices end with .99? [Secret Revealed]

Why do prices ends with .99?

No matter where you live but if you are living anywhere in the world you need money because Money is Money and People want money but they did not know Saving also exists in Money Making.

So today's article is related to Product Pricing and brands strategies to Attract more buyers.

So Hello friends, in today's article we are going to tell you something different.

Today we are going to tell you Why Do Prices End with 99, 199 or 299.

    # Price ends in .99?

    Why do prices end with 99? No matter where you live somewhen you surely noticed that in every country prices end with .99 price tag like 199, 299, 399 etc.

    So that is a very tricky marketing strategy which directly connected to customers mind. How? Let's know it now.

    #1 Psychology

    Friends, the biggest reason for this is psychological effects, which have a different level of effects on all of us.

    If the price of a product is 799 rupee or dollar then our brain considers that product to be around Rs 700, if its price is 800 rupee or dollar, then we even not see the product, as our mind works differently and all neurons of our mind gives a cross signal or you can say that RED signal means over budget signal for the product.

    #2. Seller Advantage

    Keeping one rupee less is beneficial to seller Because when we buy some items at 799 rupees from the big shopping mall or any showroom or even from the local market, then most of the time we will give them 800 rupees and do not take back one rupee.

    Now you might think that it has benefited only one rupee to sellar. 

    But it is not like that, imagine there are 300 outlets of a brand in all over India and 100 people do not take back one rupee every day, then you will see that they earn 10,950,000 rupees every year from this, which is black money, because this one rupee is not listed on any bills/invoice.
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    My Advice (Must Read)

    According to me, you have to always take back one rupee, because this will stop the black money formation.

    So Give your country clean economy by taking back the rest 1 rupees/dollar/your country currency. 

    if you are thinking then why in e-commerce there is also products prices are less than one rupee?

    So, the answer is very simple, in e-commerce, there is only One reason which is the #1st point that is psychological reasons. They attract customer by just cutting 1rs from any product. Simple is that.

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    Be happy be the game changer ✌
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