Difference between OEM And ODM? Example of OEM and ODM [Deep Info]

Difference between OEM And ODM? Example of OEM and ODM [Deep Info]

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OEM and ODM Examples.

A lot of people are confused in OEM and ODM and they think that both OEM and ODM are Same but this is not true as OEM and ODM are totally different quantity so let's know What is the difference between OEM And ODM.

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    # What is OEM

    OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. In simple word, an OEM is itself a company which works or Makes required parts for fully functional products that are being rebranded under another company. So The OEMs are mainly providing different small parts/or products to a company who gives them a brand name.

    →Example of OEM

    Imagine Google making a phone but if Google tries to build everything for the phone using only their resources then Google can't make the phone or the making price of the phone will be very high.

    Hence to provide the best product at a reasonable price google takes displays from Samsung, Processor's from snapdragon and camera lens from Sony or any other 3rd party and then Google makes a fully functional device.

    # What is ODM?

    ODM is also related to the manufacturing industry but it has a different meaning. ODM stands for Original Design Manufacturer. ODM is basically a company/brand which design and builds a whole product using the already available OEM parts. 

    When OEM products rebranded with few changes like the logo, color, packaging etc then the product is called an ODM product.

    ODM basically gives an opportunity to OEM product maker as in ODM, products are launched from already existing OEM products in which products are rebranded and launched under a particular brand name.

    →Example of ODM

    Imagine Flipkart Made a power bank under the brand name Flipkart SmartBuy but the power bank is not actually made by Flipkart, its made by 3rd party company (Tongfuyu Industrial) which company have the real authority and in this case Tongfuyu Industrial is the OEM of the power bank and the final products that are being made under the brand name Flipkart Smartbuy are called ODM products means Flipkart SmartBuy is an ODM in this case.

    →More Examples OEM and ODM.

    As you all know that today many flagship Smartphones comes with Samsung's display and Samsung RAM's. So here, in this case, Samsung is OEM. And in the same way, Sony makes camera sensors for other Smartphones manufacturers.

    So, in this case, Sony becomes the Camera Sensors OEM for that particular smartphone.

    As you may know, Motorola designs their all products themselves. That's mean that the ODM of a product made by Motorola is Motorola Itself. Because Motorola made the final product using their resources.

    Let see few Questions related to OEM and ODM.

    What does OEM Service Offered mean?

    So If a Company is saying they offer “OEM Services” this basically means that they can produce products that products can be branded under another brand/company name and this is called OEM service offered.

    Is OEM the same as original? 

    As OEM means Original Equipment manufacturer so OEM is an area where a product takes its shape and the products that made an original OEM is the same as the original.

    Is Apple OEM or ODM?

    As you all know OEM means Original Equipment manufacturer and ODM means Original design manufacture so apple design its iPhones ipads etc itself and farther give license to another company to produce the fully fictional device. Hence Apple is an ODM, not OEM.

    Who is the OEM of Apple?

    So the OEM of Apple is Foxconn as Apple has given a license to Foxconn to manufacture Apple's products so all products you see are actually made in the factory of Foxconn.

    What is OEM Smartphone?

    A smartphone that is manufactured by the company itself in their own factories is Called OEM smartphone.

    Some company like Samsung have their own manufacturing factory and hence Samsung manufactures its smartphone in their own factory.

    # Final Words

    In this article, we have discussed What is the difference between OEM And ODM. Sometimes this small tech knowledge can help you a lot. So learn every small thing and make a big Change.

    OEM vs ODM and Questions related to OEM and ODM are answered in this blog post and I hope you learned what is OEM and ODM and the main difference between them. 

    This is a very important article because most of the people want to open a company and are confused about OEM and ODM.

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